La Tannerie


680, de Courcelles street, Montreal

Construction Year:




Project Cost:

23 M $

Number of units:

210 condos

This joint project involves two distinct shutters, affordable condos satisfying the AccèCondos program and component of social housing. The development of the building was studied in order to better address the location's characteristics. By the presence of a temporary building façade on the Rue St. Jacques and Rue De Courcelle, the project ensures a continuity of the urban fabric, by defining the intersection while allowing for the framing of a pleasant living environment, the park at the back.
The project integrates some elements reflecting the memory of the space in 3 different aspects: The commemoration of the birthplace of the neighborhood, the integration of interpretative plaques on the history of the place, and the evocative name of the history given to the project. The development of a semi-private area and of a private area between the sidewalk and the housing, this both on the side of the court as on the front facing the street, access to the courtyard by a porte cochère at the junction of the two dual-aspect buildings, double height halls and the ground floor, are all elements that create the strength and integration of this project.

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