Le 2245


2245, de la Salle avenue, Montreal

Construction Year:



2245 de La Salle Development

Project Cost:

11 M $

Number of units:

67 condo

The building reflects the construction of a template at the level of industrial structures that have marked the development of the industry's history. This template is fragmented in order to establish a link with the residential fabric of the isle and stresses the use of the whole.
The volumetry of building A on the side of Letourneux avenue is in different levels to ensure the transition between the template of adjacent building and the project. The absence of a balcony at the front facing the street affirms the industrial character of the street, allowing better integration into the site.
As for the facade facing the Avenue of the room, its volumetry is treated in level to ensure a transition between the template of buildings A and B and the neighboring residential template. Unlike the façade of Rouen, the façade of the Hall includes balconies to assert theresidential nature of the Avenue.

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